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Magnet Chain

How it works?

Pigeon travel by using world magnetic field to navigate their traveling route Bird can remember the path that they passed. The pigeon was used for communication in the past. They can travel for thousands of miles without getting lost and reach the destination correctly. Therefore, we use this concept to create the stronger magnetic field than the natural magnetic field. When bird feel that they are getting close to the stronger magnetic field than magnetite inside themselves, they will suddenly avoid getting close to the magnetic field. Pigeon, crow, Asian Openbill or other types of bird that use the magnetic field in their traveling will not get close to the area anymore.

There are 2 types, 5 meters and 32 meters.

  • Height 12 cm.
  • 4 stainless steel poles
  • 4 Base plates


  1. The equipment can prevent every types of bird that have the magnetite inside, in example pigeon, crow, Asian Openbill and bird that use the magnetic field in traveling. The 25cm radius of the magnet can create the strong enough magnetic field to prevent bird in perching at roof, concrete beam, framework, cornice or balcony.
  2. Bird cannot get used to this equipment. Therefore, bird cannot perch the building that installed the equipment for many ten years among the lifetime. Currently, Terada Railway station and Shinkangzen station in Osaka, Japan has the longest period of prevention time, 30 years, without any maintenance service.
  3. Permanent magnetic equipment, no electric power required
  4. The equipment do not harms the animals.
  5. Magnetic wave is not dangerous for human and not disturb the radio wave or any electronic device.


  1. Sick birds are not able to receive the magnetic wave (Remarks: their feathers are not shiny and they move listlessly.)
  2. Bird that used to lives in the cliff area or high magnetic field area can resist to the magnetic wave in earliest stage. (This kind of bird is not likely shows up in city or town.)