Techno-Bird Co., Ltd.


About us

Techno Bird Co, Ltd came into established on February 19, 2008.

Bird flu was the starting point for figuring out how to prevent a bird from disturbing the household. we think if you want to solve the problem of birds' germs, you have to find the root cause and how to prevent this issue without harming birds and the environment including equipment that will be used to protect against bird disturbance must not hide architectural views and conceptions. The most important thing is to be effective and get the results right away. So, the equipment should be durable in all weather conditions, whether warm or cold, and can decrease the problem of maintenance. Furthermore, with good equipment and experienced technicians, you can have no concerns about the above problems. Save both money and time.

For almost 20 years, we have been constantly inventing and developing equipment to prevent birds and we are innovators of preventing bird disturb in Thailand so nowadays we are the leader of this business that has more trust from customers.

Techno Bird Co, Ltd would like to thank all customers. We promise to keep quality and standards of service to serve all customers forever.




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