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FF Manual Length Adjustment

Flying Falcon bird proof equipment “Manual Length Adjustment” Model

The equipment comes with the pole; use power from solar cell and wind. It is costless and easy to move to other places. The equipment was guaranteed by Activity Supporting Laws in SME creation, and the equipment has the 2 Intellectual property rights. FF Manual Adjustment model installed “Hayabusa” eagle that can move around the pole tip. The pole length can be adjusted up to 1-3 meters. The equipment can prevent all kind of bird in the radius more than 30 meters with microwave sound. Instantly working after the installation is done.


The equipment suits for every usage type and installation area thus it is movable. Therefore, FF bird proof equipment is suited to bird prevention in many areas in example airport, a chicken farm, and crop field.

Falcon will spin around the pole with 5 meters diameter with natural wind energy. 1.3-meter wing length, 0.7 meter body length made from plastic PP. The equipment has microwave sound emission device (125 Db and 70 different sound). With waterproof high quality two speakers and volume controller. The pole can be adjusted manually up to 1-3 meters. Easy to use. The controller works based on light sensor, so that the result might be vary. Please keep the equipment in case of more than 15 meter windy.


The equipment was created to copy the flying movement and the appearance of an eagle. Birds cannot get used to the equipment and effect to bird recognition. FF equipment was ensured that could prevent crow, seagull, Asian Open bill or any other small eagle. The equipment use solar cell and wind power to implement can be used after installation. The prevention result might be vary, depends on installation and bird type. However, we ensure that this equipment can prevent bird in 2,500-3,000 m2 areas. The equipment will not affect to the electronic wave or communication wave thus it not uses the electromagnetic wave. FF bird proof equipment will emit high efficient microwave sound base on the light sensor with 70 different type of sound in 125 Db. The sound will be emitted around 6-7 times/hr. moreover; each time will be 37-50 seconds. This solution will not harm the birds but prevent crashing between bird and airplane (Bird Strike). We concern about ICAO, so we provide “trial” for one month to ensure its efficiency.


  • Prevent damages cause from bird in large factory and warehouse
  • Prevent bird get close to the waste plants, water treatment plant and sewage treatment plant
  • Prevent bird get close to large fresh market or jetty
  • Prevent bird get close to electric station or dam
  • Prevent bird get close to train station and lighthouse
  • High efficiency in bird prevention at wide area or the area that use other solution and not working. The equipment cannot be used in household because of sound pollution from microwave sound.


  • 12 months warranty after the installation
  • Please kindly notice that the company could change the product description without any advance inform.