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About us

“Getting to know leads to success.” As same as mending the damages from birds. We are the only one company that can fix this problem.

Mr.Thiwa Thumchan Managing Director of Techno-Bird Co., Ltd. (The first and only one bird proof equipment importer in Thailand) and Mr. Hiroaki Sugimoto, Managing Director of Bird Stopper Co., Ltd. in Japan (The creator and developer).
Fighting with pigeons

At the start of solving the damages caused by birds was in 1983, when we had to clean the air condition tube. I remembered that day was very awful. There were lots of birds carp and when we had to clean the entrance of tube, it was “terrible”. Bird carp and the dirt were pulled into the air condition, which made the situation became worse. The building owner begged me for help fixing this problem and the health center also concerned about the sanitation.

A thesis was discovered

After finished a cleaning service around one week, there will be bird carp again and again. We used the equipment that sold in the market, but the result was not succeeded and not satisfied. Therefore, I went to the library in Nakanoshima to find the way out. After three days of research, I found a thesis named “Pigeon’s habit to the origin” that is the thesis of Mr. C.W from Massachusetts University, United States of America.

The creating of bird proof equipment
I fortuitously found the topic “Pigeon has a magnetite organ” in the thesis. “…This is it!!”  Birds are not likely to stay in the area that has higher magnetic field than the magnetite inside themselves because birds will be annoyed by the magnetic wave. This concept was developed into “Magnet Chain Equipment” which can prevent bird perching in the desired area. This was the first magnetic bird proof equipment in the world. It was trial and error at first, but then 22 years later we installed the equipment to more than 4,000 customers and received trustworthiness from many customers up to the present time.

Company Anticipation and Commitment Thiwa Thumchan

I was thinking and observing about bird flu and always aware it not to happen to my surrounding people and me. Until there was the heavier concern about bird flu, the government provided many solutions to people including vaccine and medical treatment. In my opinion, the above solution is irrelevant. Bird flu causes from birds, in example bird travel across the country and can bring the disease to human and animal. Therefore, we have to find the way to separate bird from humans with no harming to birds. It recognized me about a Japanese man that works about bird prevention, and his company received the most trustworthiness from people in the country and other nations all over the world. Then I went to Japan for field trip many times then it can be assured that this is an excellent solution for the problem in Thailand.

It leads to the creating of Bird-Stopper (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Techno-Bird (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We received the highest and the most trustworthiness in the name of Techno-Bird (Thailand). If you have any concern or problem in the service terms from our staff, distributors or importer, please kindly contact our company about your inconvenient in our services. I truly believed that our teams are intent to serve you service in high quality to for customer satisfaction.

Our company anticipation and commitment are to serve you the most satisfaction, and happiness by solving bird problems instead of harming or killing but intend to coexist peacefully.