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Microorganism for wasted water treatment

Product : N – Klean    จุลินทรีย์ ปรับสภาพน้ำที่เน่าเสีย 
Price :     ขนาด 1000 กรัม      ราคา  900 บาท
ขนาด  5000 กรัม     ราคา 4,100 บาท


Detail : N-Klean 

N-Klean is the microoragnism group tha was developed for wasted water treatment. The microorganism is symbiosis and passed the test from Division of Pathology, Department of Medical Science that it is safe for human, animal and plants
  1. Microorganism can grow in the enviroment that has oxygen and without oxygen (Facultative Anaerobe)
  2. Acid and pH in 1.5-9.6
  3. Able to grow in the salted environment up to 200 ppt
  4. Reduce the amount of wasted sediment by create and emit the enzyme Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulose and Hemicellulose.
  5. Reduce BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) value hence the microorganism will consume the organic substance in wasted water in order to grow up efficiently.
  6. Reduce the contaminating of germs hence the microorganism in N-Klean able to produce organic substance, pediocin and lactic acid. The mentioned substances can restrain and disinfect the disease germs that are contaminated from wasted water in example.
  7. N – KleanImprove the physical quality of water such getting rid of the smell from gas in example ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane. Yeast in N-Klean will absorb these gases.
  8. Eliminate the fat that contaminated in wasted water, grease traps. Reduce the fat layer that covers the water surface from fat degradation by Pichia farinosa yeset in N-Klean.
  9. Increase the water transparency. Remove plankton that is toxic for water in example blue-green algae, Oscillatoria and Noctiluca. The above plankton is the cause of Red Tide.
  10. Reducing the using of chemical. Reduce chemical amassment in dirt and water.


  1. Reduce the time in water treatment, reduce the contamination of germs and toxin in sediment or water after the treatment.
  2. Eliminate the wasted and smell in toilet, prevent toilet clogging up. Eliminate the smell and breeding ground for fly in trash area, animal carp or wasted water treatment.
  3. Clean the drainpipe and grease traps. Prevent pipe clogging and bad smell from the grease. Solve the pollution problem, which is the cause of involvement in the farm and community. Prevent the disease from flies.
  4. Safe for human and all kind of animals.
  5. Promote the job in Thailand and support the product that made in Thailand.
  6. Eliminate germs and fungus, plus ceiling and painting service from our specialist.