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Instant Net Frame

Techno-Bird presents “Instant Net Frame”

Instant Net Frame provides great quality plastic frame, convenient and easy to install by yourselves. Comes with beautiful appearance, easy to install, durable both in indoor and outdoor area as your desired.
Remark: In case installing in the high area or huge number, please kindly consult the expert technicians.
  • Peel the glue cover at the back off
  • Attach the equipment to the window edge or concrete gap. Put the nail through hole at the substratum to attach the equipment firmly to the installation area.
  • Hang the net with the spur and set the net firmly. Put the cover on the net and lock. Pull the net and hang it with plastic edge at another side. Trim the net and put the cover on the net and lock.
  • The net will prevent birds and poultry animal, you can see that the net will align in vertical and horizontal.
Besides using for bird prevention, it can be used in bug prevention. Easy to install and beautiful.