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Special version of the equipment’s MODOREN WIA

Special version of the equipment’s MODOREN WIA​

The different between other models is the frequency of spikes, does not blind, and birds cannot get hurt. 
MODOREN WIA is the perfect equipment protection for birds and cat disturb with the properties of spikes’ STAINLESS SUS 304 special spring and has a design the base plate to be hardness like a MODOREN WI.
  • Stainless Needle SUS 304 Spring type
  • Height: 11.5 cm.
  • Needle width: 1 cm.
  • 24 pieces of triangular needle
  • 48 spikes needle
  • Width: 13-14cm.
  • Grade A polycarbonate base plate
  • Comes with UV protection
  • 3.5 cm wide throughout the piece
  • Thickness 5 mm.
  • Length 50 cm.
  • With thick base plate and the width equal throughout the plate. (Appropriate for long term used.)
  • Base plate is thick but also flexible can adapt to use.
  • Other strong point you can bring the equipment connected together by press lock so this can increase 
  • Easy to install can be installed in many forms. There has hole for a belt, for tapping screw and for super glue nail. The length of the equipment to be as a one piece and installation is hardness than other models.
  • We have concern to all of design especially ‘’spike’’ we set the appropriate frequency for prevent birds, not too frequent and not block perspective moreover not affect the architect’s work.
  • Can be used both inside and outside the building. Plastic material is in international standard and UV protection strong for all weather.

Installed Site
  • Residential building
  • Temple and Palace
  • Factory, Hangar

  • Keep out from kids and safe place.
  • This equipment is use for prevent birds and cats does not use wrong way.