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Car Hydraulics Length Adjustment

Flying Falcon “Car Hydraulics Length Adjustment” bird proof equipment

Flying Falcon “Car Hydraulics Length Adjustment” is the latest FF bird proof equipment. The Falcon was installed and able to move around the pole tip. The pole can be adjusted up to 0.8-3 meters. The equipment can prevent all type of bird within 30 meters radius. Falcon will emit the light and microwave sound to prevent bird. The equipment suits with the bird that often move their nest hence the equipment can be moved freely. Falcon works with three battery and AC electric in the case of household installation. In a case of in-car installation, can be used with 12kw battery at the engine starter (DC) or able to used with solar cell energy.


  • 12v battery for electric transformer. (10 years lifetime)
  • Falcon with 1.3-meter wing length, 0.7 meter body length made from plastic PP. Microwave sound transmitter (come with volume controller) with highest sound 125 Db
  • LED waterproof high quality two speakers and volume controller.
  • Controller panel with 3 battery (AC/DC/Solar), 24 hr. timer and speed controller
  • Hydraulic length adjustable pole up to 0.8-3 meters.
  • Hydraulic length adjust device 8 stage (waterproof)
  • Small air pot for hydraulics was installed
  • Driving motor DC 24v (AC/DC). Comes with hook to prevent spinning around.
  • Spinning bar with 5 meter spinning diameter. Made from stainless, comes with balancing.
  • Able to use power from solar cell (separated)
  • 2 of 130v solar cell energy battery module (20 years lifetime)
  • 2 of 1.3kw battery (5 years lifetime), come with its shelf.


  • 12 months warranty after the installation
  • Temporary installation is available.
  • Rent or purchase contract is available.
  • Please kindly notice that the company could change the product description without any advance inform. Techno-Bird is the specialist in retting rid of pigeon and crow that can cause damages in household. We will solve this problem for you.


  • The equipment will not affect to the electronic wave or communication wave thus it not uses the electromagnetic wave.
  • Easy to move, provides best advantages in bird prevention. Comes with volume controller.
  • With adjustable hydraulics pole, easy to install and maintain
  • Able to install in ground area
  • High efficiency in bird prevention up to 3,000 m2
  • Not requires any construction to install
  • Birds cannot adjust themselves to the equipment, costless.

Installation Area

  • Bird flue measure in chicken farm, pig farm to prevent bird carrying disease primarily avian influenza (The cause of bird flu is dry bird carp) and prevent Bird Strike at the airport
  • Prevent food usurping among jetty or fresh market, food factory and fruit garden.
  • Prevent the damages from bird in large factory and warehouse.
  • Prevent bird get close to the waste plants, water treatment plant and sewage treatment plant.
  • Prevent bird get close to large fresh market or jetty.
  • Prevent bird get close to electric station or dam.
  • Prevent bird get close to train station and lighthouse
  • High efficiency in bird prevention at wide area or the area that use other solution and not working. The equipment cannot be used in household because of sound pollution from microwave sound.