Techno-Bird Co., Ltd.

The first and only one bird proof equipment creator and importer in Thailand with the rights in the legal patent. We provide the standardized system in installation, excellent after sale service and 100% product guarantee, trusted by over 5,000 customers all over the country. Contact for more information FREE 061-874-6282, 02-975,6490 and [email protected]

Dear Customer,

Currently, there are some groups of people disguise in name of Techno-Bird Co., Ltd., and our partner company involves to bird proof equipment to induce customer understanding that they are Techno-Bird Co., Ltd. Our real service are

Moreover, please be aware of those sites similar to our three websites above, with our best wish to our customer to find us correctly.

“We do not have any reason to enforce you to watch this media because it is not related to our services, but we would like you to do hence you all are under the prestige of our highness same as us.”